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Login to obtain free access to our shareware version of the Florida Provider Radar Tool which provides the Legal Score from the commercial Provider Radar Tool

Terms of Service

This product relies on algorithms which could be called “artificial intelligence” to match publicly available lawsuit information to publicly available information about medical providers and other vendors. Because lawsuit information contains typos, providers and parties to lawsuits have similar names, and all of the matching is being done by computer algorithm, this tool WILL occasionally be wrong. It is up to the user to use this tool as an issuer spotter for their claims but to independently verify items of concern.

By using this tool, you affirm:

  1. You will make none of the information contained in this tool available to the public.
  2. You will not attempt to reverse engineer it.
  3. You will not use means, such as screen scraping, in an attempt to harvest large amounts of data from this tool.
  4. You will exercise independent verification and judgment when using this tool.
  5. You will not sue, or otherwise hold accountable, FraudSpotters for any defects in this product.
  6. You will hold harmless, and indemnify, Fraudspotters for any actions brought against FraudSpotters based on your usage of this free product.

We would like to emphasize that this tool is significantly more powerful if you become a client and merge this data onto your incoming claims and have this combined data analyzed via our proprietary algorithms. We offer a free test of this product here.

How do we foresee this tool being used?

Incoming claims that have medical bills should have NPIs. You should get the NPIs (usually there are 4, but they may all be the same) and enter them into this tool.

For incoming claims that have a high legal score, you can take precautions that your carrier finds appropriate. We cannot tell you what to do, you need to rely on your own counsel, but actions theoretically include:

  • Assign this claim to your SIU
  • Consider examinations under oath, per 6c of FL state code found here.
  • Assign this claim to your most competent PIP adjuster