Provider Radar–Free Florida Version–Intro

You have reached the homepage for the free Florida version of the Provider Radar. This tool uses publicly available data to allow insurance professionals to rapidly understand vital statistics about Florida health care providers, especially as it pertains to lawsuits. This particular tool ONLY uses publicly available data, meaning it does not use insurance carrier data for analysis.

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Why must you register?

This product relies on algorithms which could be called “artificial intelligence” to match publicly available lawsuit information to publicly available information about medical providers and other vendors. Because lawsuit information contains typos, providers and parties to lawsuits have similar names, and all of the matching is being done by computer algorithm, this tool WILL occasionally be wrong. It is up to the user to use this tool as an issuer spotter for their claims but to independently verify items of concern.

Because of the sensitive nature of this product, we do not feel it is prudent for it to be generally available to the public.

We ask that during your registration process you affirm that you will only use this product for insurance company claims paying related verification processes and not related to any public statements about any providers contained in this database. We also ask for you to affirm that you will not sue us for any defects in this product. It is offered freely with no warranty of any kind.

In terms of user privacy, we will not share your email or other private information with any third parties.

We hope that by using this product you are able to reduce fraud in Florida, and we also hope that you will consider using our professional versions of these tools which are much more powerful and accurate as they use your carrier specific data to analyze medical bill content and accident circumstances.