Free Fraud Checkup

We are offering a free test drive of our Provider Radar.

During a test drive, typically the following steps occur:

  1. You complete the webform below, indicating your identity and that you agree to not disclose nor attempt to reverse-engineer aspects of our technology that you did not know about prior to our presentation.
  2. We set up an initial presentation. This will be a video conference in which we demonstrate the tool and provide more details about how it works.
  3. Assuming your interest continues, we provide our FTP site and file formats that your IT/analysts will use to provide data.
  4. You wait while we map the data to our algorithms, generally a few days depending on our other workload and the completeness of your submitted data.
  5. We provide you company-specific access to the tool which will now be populated with your claims.
  6. We point out to you which claims we believe should be investigated and why.
  7. You are free to use this information and evaluate the validity of our recommendations on your own schedule.
  8. When you are ready, we enter into an agreement to update the tool daily so you can use it on an ongoing basis.
  9. If you decide you are not interested in this product we will delete all of your data from our servers and close down your company’s version of the tool.

I represent my company, and I and my company request an evaluation of fraud tools provided by FraudSpotters, LLC.

I and my company agree that we will not disclose nor attempt to reverse-engineer technology that we do not already have and that is not publicly available and/or generally already used in the insurance industry. 

Furthermore, we agree to not disclose any information about the FraudSpotters’ tools to any of FraudSpotters’ competitors.

After you complete this form, we will manually send you a confirmation email. You will need to reply with “confirmed.”