New Jersey: Politicians aim to fight insurance fraud while committing insurance fraud

I only post this here because it is amusing. 1st) check out the guy’s sweater in the picture, and 2nd) put the situation in context.

” Garrett Smith, had been accused [that he] hit a parked car after leaving a bar on Christmas Day.  The mayor fled the scene but allegedly left a trail of auto fluids from the bar to the garage at his home.”

“Prosecutors claimed that Smith later moved his car into the street and filed a claim with his insurance company after claiming a snowplow hit his vehicle.”

“Holley made insurance fraud a top issue in his 2011 campaign for mayor of Roselle.”

“Holley defeated Smith in the Democratic primary by a 49%-29% margin.  Smith was sentenced to 90 days in prison after a 2015 plea agreement.”

“Christian Veliz has now entered the race for the Democratic nomination for State Assembly in the 20th district on a slate led by Jamel Holley.”

“Veliz had let his automobile insurance policy lapse for non-payment at 12:01 AM on November 28, 2019 and was involved in an accident on November 29 at 12:31 PM.  One hour later, he reinstated his policy was the Progressive Insurance Company after attesting that he was not involved in any accident or loss during the period he had no insurance.

“In a consent order with the state Department of Banking and Insurance in December 2020, Veliz conceded a violation of the New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act and agreed to pay a $2,625 civil administrative penalty and surcharge.  The order Veliz signed acknowledged that this would be considered his first offense.”

… the whole story is amusing to me. 🙂