Florida, 2015 Sun-Sentinel articles documenting $18 million in PIP fraud related to Cuba

In 2015, the Sun-Sentinel documented a massive crime ring involving Cuban nationals.

“A ring that staged car accidents in South Florida involving 21 clinics and $18 million in fraudulent insurance claims.” Source: http://interactive.sun-sentinel.com/plundering-america/

They go on to show that Allstate was so upset that they went after Wellsfargo because the bank did not stop this from occuring. The lawsuit says that “an astounding…$1.5 million in cash was successfully withdrawn from the Febre’s account”. Source: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-allstate-wells-fargo-suit-20151111-story.html

Very large New York scheme involving over 30 people bilks insurers out of over $100 million in PIP benefits

Here is an article alleging the dollar size of the scheme:


Here are articles related to a doctor in the scheme:


Here is an article relating to the sentencing of the ring leader to 15 years.