Vico Brothers convicted for $3 million in PIP fraud in Florida

Janio Vico, 32, and Jharildan Vico, 34, of West Palm Beach, were also ordered to pay $1.92 million in restitution and must forfeit $1.87 million worth of property and assets to the federal government, prosecutors said Monday.

These were related to staged accidents to falsify medical bills to submit to auto insurers for PIP claims.

Florida, 2015 Sun-Sentinel articles documenting $18 million in PIP fraud related to Cuba

In 2015, the Sun-Sentinel documented a massive crime ring involving Cuban nationals.

“A ring that staged car accidents in South Florida involving 21 clinics and $18 million in fraudulent insurance claims.” Source:

They go on to show that Allstate was so upset that they went after Wellsfargo because the bank did not stop this from occuring. The lawsuit says that “an astounding…$1.5 million in cash was successfully withdrawn from the Febre’s account”. Source:

Very large New York scheme involving over 30 people bilks insurers out of over $100 million in PIP benefits

Here is an article alleging the dollar size of the scheme:

Here are articles related to a doctor in the scheme:

Here is an article relating to the sentencing of the ring leader to 15 years.